Westlakes of London and Evans of Wales

Mile End Old London.

Although Mile End was quietly respectable very little extreme poverty compared to other parts of East London, William Booth began the work of the Salvation Army here in July 1865 and the first Dr. Barnardo's Home for orphans was founded in 1870 near Ben Jonson Road. 
During the 19th century most of the hamlet was developed for housing, the population rising to nearly 113,000 people, some employed in local industries but many working in the nearby City.

Mile End became part of the Borough of Stepney in 1900 

Phoebe Laws and William Westlake my Great Great Grand Parents.1851 Census

Holy Trinity church Mile End Old Town Parish Stepney Middlesex London.

The Family were living 10 Regent street Stepney Middlesex London.

William was 30 and a Brass Founder with a shipping company. Phoebe was also 30. Their Children were

John aged 10 born 1841 Limehouse Middlesex.

Elizabeth aged 8 born 1843 Stepney Middlesex London Parish Mile end old Town, baptised Trinity church 30th April 1848.

Sarah Anne aged 6 born 1845 Stepney Middlesex London Parish Mile end old Town. baptised Trinity church 30th April 1848.

William aged 4 born 1847 Stepney Middlesex London Parish Mile end old Town. baptised Trinity church 30th April 1848.

Thomas aged 3 born 1848 Stepney Middlesex London Parish Mile end old Town baptised Trinity church 30th April 1848

Phoebe Selina aged 1 born 1849 baptised Stepney Middlesex London Parish Mile end old Town baptised Trinity church 14th October 1849.  (My Great Grandmother)

Phoebe Laws and William Westlakes marriage certificate 1840.
Phoebe's Batism record 14th October 1849.

Census 1860

Phoebe was 40 as was William. Their address was 2 Bow Common Lane. St. Dunstans Road civil parish Stepney, Ecclesiastical parish Trinity. County Middlesex registration district Mile End Old Town. Their family had now grown by four more. Elizabeth aged 18 and Sarah Ann aged 16 had left home and were domestic servants. Elizabeth at St Katherines Cree London city North East. And Sarah at Oakley Road Islington London.

John aged 19 Nautical maker with a shipping company

William aged 14 Brass founder

Thomas aged 12

Phoebe aged 11 scholar   (My Great Grandmother)

James aged 9 scholar

Emily aged 4

Henry aged 2

Arthur aged 10 months.

Alfred  was born 27 Jan 1862 in 2 Dunstans Road, Mile End Old Town, Middlesex, and died Dec 1862 in Mile End.  

Elizabeth married William Henry Neale Ropemaker on June the 4th 1865. His father was William Neale. Witnesses were Phoebe Westlake age 15 and John Westlake aged 23 brother and sister of Elizabeth. Elizabeth's address was 2 St. Dunstans Rd. Phoebe was still in England in 1865 for the wedding when did she leave for New Zealand?

Thomas emmigrated to Canada sometime after the 1861 U.K. census we find him as married to Alice Sarah Berry born about 1848 daughter of Robert and Sarah Legrys. His marriage took place in Wentworth Ontario Canada on 8th April 1873 they were both aged 25. Thomas was an Engine fitter.

Sarah Annemarried Albert Taylor and their children were Albert b 1867, Phoebe Agnes b 1868, George b 1870 and John 1880.

Phoebe sails to New Zealand

Phoebe Selina Westlake and Rebecca Looker both aged about 16, Sailed on the ship Chile leaving London 11 September 1865 and arrived at Port Chalmers Otago New Zealand on the 14th December 1865.

The girls were 1st cousins the relationship comes through their common ancestors the Laws family.  Phoebe's Mother Phoebe Laws and Rebecca's Mother Rebecca Laws were sisters.

Phoebe marrying William Evans and Rebecca marrying Richard Dunn.

Five years after the girls arrived in Dunedin, Phoebe's older brother William (of 23 mile end old Town London) eldest son of Phoebe and William Westlake died in March 1870 aged 29 years.

Year 1881

Florence Lucy Ward nee Westlake daughter of John Westlake and Sarah Elizabeth Looker. I wonder of Phoebe looked a little like her?

Phoebe was 50 and also William. Their children at home at 2 Alma Terrace were down to three. Little Arthur born 1860 died 1862.  Phoebe was in New Zealand. Thomas was married and living in Canada and William had died aged 29.  How dreadfully sad for William and Phoebe.  Probably William was very unwell too.

James aged 18 Brass founder

Emily aged 14

Henry aged 12

James married Sarah he was a metal refiner. They lived at 132 St Dunstans Rd next door to Phoebe and William James’ parents.

William Westlake from Mile End Old Town London died on the 9th December 1875 aged 55. His son John was with him.  The Will of William Westlake of 130 St Dunstan's Road, Bow Common Lane, Mile End in the County of Middlesex, Metal Refiner who died at home, was proved at the Principal Registry by John Westlake of 65 White Horse Street in the said County, Optician the Son and George Watson of 6 St Paul's Road, Burdett Road, Limehouse in the said County, Engineer the Executor. Effects under £200.

Emily Westlake marries Henry Major.

The gas works in Dunedin N.Z. where Henry William worked while he was married to Daisy Evans.

By the 1881 census John had married Sarah Elizabeth Looker born 1844 . They had 5 children. Eleanor, Emily, Sarah, Florence and John. 

John died on the 1st August 1890 aged 50. Sarah died 1914.

9th September 1890. The Will of John Westlake late of 130 St Dunstan's Road/Burdett Road/Bow Common Lane in the County of Middlesex, Metal Refiner, Brass Founder and Nautical Instrument Maker who died 1st August 1890 at 130 St Dunstan's Road was proved at the Principal Registry by Henry Abraham Fordham of 92 Morning Lane, Hackney in the said County, Rick Cloth and Blind Manufacturer and William Ardley of 97 Campbell Road, Bow in the said County, Carman, the Executors. Personal Estate £600.

  Johns Will go to Documents.    Documents

Henry William Major Mercantile Marine lost at sea

Tower Hill Memorial

Henry Major (occupation tinplater) married Emily Westlake (daughter of William Westlake and Phoebe Laws from Mile End Old Town London) on the 8th February 1875 at St. Johns Church in Hackney East London when he was 20 she was 18. They had two sons:

1  Henry William Major  born 1st March 1875. Henry baptised 15th March 1875 Limehouse   St. Annes. They lived at 28 Walker St. His father was a tinplate worker.

11  Frederick John born 1878.

 The boys father Henry Major snr. died sometime after the 1871 Census and left Emily a  widow.  Phoebe Westlake (wife of William) Mother and Grandmother lived at the same address as her daughter Emily at Wood house Rd 3 Sarah Villas Essex Greater London.

1881 census  Henry William 6 and his brother Frederick John 3, the boys are living with their Mother Emily and their Grandmother Phoebe Westlake at Woodhouse Rd. 3 Sarah Villas Wanstead Essex. Henry is a scholar. Phoebe’s occupation was listed as an Annuitant

1891 census shows Henry William Major jnr. is at his Uncle and Aunts James and Sarah Westlakes house at 126 Saint Dunstans Road Mile end old Town London. He was a voyage seaman. Aged 16. Where did he sail too? New Zealand? 

Henry William Major married Daisy Evans (My great Aunt) in Dunedin New Zealand on the 5th February 1898 in the Office of the registrar of marriages Dunedin New Zealand. He was 23 she 21. On the marriage certificate He came from London and his father was Henry Major a tin smith. His Mother Emily Major (nee Westlake). Daisy Evans’ father was William Evans born Cardiff Wales and her Mother is Phoebe Evans (nee Westlake). His occupation is a gas stoker the same as William Evans at the gas works Dunedin. Daisy and Henry would have been cousins. Their Mothers Emily and Phoebe sisters. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1907 after Henry attempted to desert her. He had taken a position on a Union Company ship as a stoker. He was sentenced to one month imprisonment for desertion. The couple had a daughter Pearl Gladys born in 1898. William Evans Daisy’s Father had supported her and her child since Henry’s desertion of them.  Henry William returned to England and met and married Florence Tait in the Yorkshire riding they had five children. Henry William Major son of Emily Major nee Westlake and Henry Major. Grandson of Phoebe and William Westlake, nephew of Phoebe Evans nee Westlake was lost at sea the 2nd February 1918 aged 33.

Initials: H W 
Nationality: United Kingdom 
Rank: Carpenter 
Regiment/Service: Mercantile Marine 
Unit Text: S.S. "Jaffa" (Hull) 
Age: 33 
Date of Death: 02/02/1918 
Additional information: Son of the late Henry William and Emily Major; husband of Florence Major (nee Tait), of 6, Laurel Villas, Estcourt St., Hull. Born in London. 
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead 
Form CWGC site.
His ship SS Jaffa was torpedoed when on route from Boulonge to Southhampton by a German submarine UB 30 and sunk when 3 miles East by South from Owers ligh vessel English Channel 10 lives were lost.



Phoebe Westlake nee Laws wife of William Westlake

 Phoebe Westlake nee Laws widow of William, died in Essex Greater London on the 24thSptember 1901 aged 81. She left her effects of eighteen pounds and seventy six shillings to her son Henry who was a carpenter. 

 Henry had married Harriet and with their family. William 17 a labouror, Phoebe 16 a servant, and Marian 14, they emigrated to Detroit Michigan U.S.A. in 1908. Henry gave his brother James Westlake who lived in 63 Outram Rd London E. as his contact. His occupation was listed as a joiner. They departed from Liverpool England and arrived in Portland Maine 11th April 1908 on board the Canada. Mildrid was not on the passenger list , she was aged 19.

Phoebe Westlake marries William Evans (Wales)

St. Pauls Church Dunedin N.Z. 1860's.

William Evans was born in Cardiff (death certificate) in 1833.  He arrived in Dunedin in the 1850's and worked as a stoker at the Dunedin gasworks. I know nothing of William before he arrived in Dunedin..

Phoebe and William married at Saint Pauls church Dunedin on the 19th March 1868 Phoebe was 18 William 35.

Phoebe and William's marriage certificate.
The death certificate of William Evans.


Charles Wootton father and father in law of Hannah Evans and John Wootton.

Hannah born 7th September 1874 married in Dunedin in 1868 to John Wootten a letter carrier in South Dunedin born 1865 (the son of Charles Wootten and Matilda Lynx of Bloxwich Staffordshire England). John's Brothers and sisters were. Hannah b 1858, Philip 1860, Mary 1867, George 1868, Pheobe Matilda 1872, William 1873. The famiy Emmigrated to Sydney arriving on board the Peterborough 15/1/1877 living in Balmain N.S.W.    John's Sister Hannah married John Henry Springthorpe in N.S.W. One of their children Willie Charles Springthorpe m Wilhelmina Abbot they had a son Norman James Springthorpe a Major in the Australian Army. Norman James Springthorpe m Eileen and their son was Richard Lewis Springthorpe better known as Rick Springfield Singer, Song writer and Acting star. So Hannah and John Wootten's Great great nephew was a star known best by the song 'Jessies Girl".

 Hannah died in Ross Home in 1957 aged 88. John Wesley Wootton died 24th October 1949.  A charles Wootton buried 1894, Phoebe Matilda  buried buried on the 11th January 1917 was she Johns sister?  Charles 25th October 1904 ( John's father) ages not recorded . All in the Southern cemetery Dunedin New Zealand.  John and Hannah had Eight Children. 

Matilda Henrietta (Etti) born 3rd of January 1887 married James Cameron Macfarlane  b 18th May 1890 in Palmerston. Etti died 5th April 1950 aged 63 and was cremated her ashes were buried. James died 22nd of October 1918 in France. Etti's last address was 93 Prince Albert Road St Kilda Dunedin.   Etti and James had 1 daughter Elsie b 24th December 1915 she married Percy Frank Curtis b 9th September 1913 in Sale Australia. They had 2 daughters Lynette and Maureen & 3 Grandchildren.

Phoebe Lillian: Born 25th August 1889 she married Robert Richardson. They had two children. Phoebe died 15th June 1964 aged 74 her last address was 102 Taieri Road Dunedin. She was cremated.  Gweneth married Bill McCutcheon 1 son & 1 daughter Judith Dick who is doing the research. Gweneth has 2 grandchildren. And Edward who married Alva Sinclair.

Hannah Ruby: Born 1891 she died at Palmerston 15th September 1918 Hannah never married.

Burt Wesley: born 15th March 1899  he was an inspector in the police force. He married Minnie Jane Glass. Burt's twin died at birth. Burt died in Christchurch on the 19th of July 1956. Minnie was born 16th of Auhust 1899 sh died 1nd of February 1970 in Christchurch. They had 2 daughters who live in Christchurch Beryl has a son and daughter. & 3 Grandchildren. June has 3 children & 5 Grandchildren.

Gladys Transvall:  Born on the 21st August 1900 she married Bertie Renwick Purvis in 1921. Gladys died in Auckland on the 20th of December 1979 in Auckland. Bertie died 1958 in Palmerston North. They had three children Clifford Renwick, Ronald Bruce, & Rona all live in South Africa.

 Ronald Bruce: Born on the 17th May 1923 married Joy Watson in 1946:  They had four children Bruce, Dale, Valda abd Raewyn. They all live in Auckland.

Philip Horace:  born 30th May 1903 he married Katherine Mills he died in Auckland in 1986. They have 1 son Ken who has 5 children. All live in Auckland.

George Clement:  born 5th February 1909 married Rata Irving in 1939. They have two daughters Barbara and Monica all live in Auckland.

Southern Cemetery Dunedin
Hannah buried died in Ross Home Dunedin N.Z. aged 88 Nov 1957
Phoebe Matila buried 11 Jan 1917
Charles buried 8th July 1894
Block 12p plot 73-74
Southern Cemetery Dunedin
Rubina Hannah buried 10th September 1918
Charles 25th October 1904
John Wesley 24th October 1949 aged 83. Postal clerk native of England 70 years in N.Z.
Block 12p plot 73-74

Daisy Evans, John Burns Evans and little Phoebe.

Daisy Evans Daisy or Dolly as her Father William Evans (from Wales now a stoker at the gasworks in  Dunedin) called her was born on the 21st September 1879 at Kensington South Dunedin N.Z. Her Mother Phoebe nee Westlake ( Mile End old Town London). She married Henry William Major a voyage seaman from London on the 5th February 1898 he was 23 she 21. His father Henry Major was a tin smith, his Mother was Emily nee Westlake. Daisy and Henry would have been cousins as their mothers Daisy and Emily were sisters. Henry Major worked also at the gas works. The couple had a daughter Pearl Gladys born 1898. Their marriage ended up in divorce in 1907 after He attemted to desert her. He had taken a position on a Union Company ship as a stoker. He was sentenced to one month imprisonment for desertion. William Evans Daisy's father had supported her and her child since Henry's desertion of them.  Henry returned to England and met and married Florence Tait in the Yorkshire riding and had 5 children.  Henry was lost at sea on the 2nd Ferbruary 1918 aged 33 after his ship ss Jaffa was torpedoed when on route from Boulonge to South Hampton by a german submarine UB30 and sunk when 3 miles East by South from Owers light vessel English channel 10 lives were lost.

 Pearl Gladys  Daisy and Henry Majors Daughter married William John Gibbs 1915 she was 17. He was killed while on active duty in France 1918 aged 28 he is buried in a France Annex British cemetery. She was left a widow at 20.  She remarried in 1922 to James Rupert Stokes born 1885 in Soho London. they divorced 1924. he is buried in Port Chalmers. 

 Doris Evans  Daisy's Daughter married Frderick Logie Olsen in 1934.  

 Daisy remarried to Edward Athfield a fisherman from Port Chalmers.  Their children

 Edward. married Gertrude Irene Haywood.  Edward's address before enlistment WW2 Pre 1940-1941 Careys Bay Port Chalmers.  Army.. 27th machine gun Battalion second N.Z. expeditionary force.  Died 1979 aged 70 buried Port Chalmers RSA Cemetery. 

 John Claude born 1914 died 1993 married Dorothy Jean Sellars.

 Edna Jessie she married Jack Wheeler. They had a son Trevor Wheeler a well known Dunedin singer Saw him many a time in Joe Browns search for stars in Dunedin..

 Douglas Owen   died 1918 aged 1 year.

 John Burns Evans born in Kensington Dunedin in 1876. He was a Miner and a Sawmill Hand and lived at William Street Greymouth. He died on the 7th November 1942 aged 66 at C.Dunns's Billiard Room. Albert Street Greymouth. Probable cause of death was heart failure. He is buried in the Greymouth cemetery. Cemetery code Karoro. He is buried not far from the Tasman Sea. John never married. 

Baby Phoebe died on the 16th February 1875. aged two days and is buried in the Southern cemetery Dunedin New Zealand.

Phoebe Evans death certificate.
Birth certificate of Daisy. Her address is Kensington Dunedin N.Z. on her marriage certificate is says she was born in Sydney Australia!
Daisy and Henry William Westlake marraige certificate.
Major v Major
Death Certificate of John Burns Evans.
Heading in News Paper "Sawmiller Dies"
Death notice in news paper inserted by his two sisters Hannah and Daisy

Morris Owen

Morris Owen

Morris Owen was born 1883 he married Bertha Scoullar. They had 3 children.  Morris died 3rd of June 1921 aged 38. after an accident with his bicycle. He is buried in the Southern cemetery.  Morris Owen Evans a plumber by trade and a very good violinist (teaching violin), married Bertha Scoullar in Dunedin. They lived in a cottage that belonged to William Evans in Melbourne Street Dunedin.
Morris suffered head injuries after an accident. He lay in a coma for weeks with Bertha making the daily trek to Seacliff Hospital to sit by his side.  He died of his injuries on the 1st of June 1921 aged 38 leaving his wife Bertha with three young children Vera, Lydia and Morris Owen (My Father Born 26th February 1914 ). On his death certificate the coroner's verdict was general paralysis of the insane. Imagine how different today's hospital care would have been. Bertha worked at many jobs taking in washing, ironing and sewing to support her young family. She had brothers who were quite well off  wanting to help, but she was too proud. 

Morris Evans death certificate.

Maurice and Bertha's three Children.

Maurice Owen (Owen) born Dunedin 26th February 1915 he died 8th September 1880 married Annie Griffiths born they had 6 children Morris David died at 3 days, Carol, Rena, Wendy, Owen and Richard. They had 14 Grandchildren.

Vera Elizabeth married Bert Davis.

Lydia Olive married Alf Flockton and then Ron Haughton.

Bertha after becoming a widow married John (Jack) Nichol Milne they had one daughter Rena.

Rena married Alfred Hoyle born in Cumbria England.

Rena and Alf had twins Christopher and  Peter and Donna. Peter sadly died after a hunting accident.  They have 4 Grandchildren.

Marriage Certificate of Bertha Scoullar & Maurice Evans in 1911.
Maurice Owen Evans
Always known as Owen son of Morris and Bertha Evans, Grandson of William and Phoebe nee Westlake Evans
Wendy Carol & Rena
Daughters of Owen and Annie nee Griffiths Evans. Grandaughters of Bertha nee Scoullar and Morris Evans, Great Grandaughters of Phoebe nee Westlake and William Evans.
Owen and Richard
Sons of Owen and Annie nee Griffiths Evans. Grandaughters of Bertha nee Scoullar and Morris Evans. Great Grandaughters of Phoebe nee Westlake and William Evans.

Annie Griffiths and Owen Evans.

Annie and Owen

Morris Owen Evans Owen to his family was born in Dunedin on the 26th February 1915 third child of Bertha nee Scoullar and Morris Evans. Annie was born at Dunedin on the 21st June 1915.  5th and Youngest child of Margaret and David Griffiths. They met while Owen was coaching a Womens cricket Team in Dunedin. He got his eye on Annie and asked her to play for his team and the rest is history they fell in love and were married on the 16th December 1936 at First Church in Dunedin.
They had six children Their first born a son Morris David born 28th January 1938 died 31st January1938 when he was only 3 days old. He is buried in the Southern cemetry Dunedin with his Great grandfather William Evans.
Carol Anne 
born Dunedin 22/11/1941 married Lawrence Dougherty in Dunedin16/12/1961.  Rena Margaret born Dunedin  26/9/1943 married Ivan Butel  Wendy Fay born Dunedin  12/10/1944 married Des Dougherty.  Owen Johnborn in Ranfurly  1/9/1951 married Judith Hudson.  Richard Edward born Ranfurly  1/4/1954 married Susan Richardson. Annie and Owen made a huge shift to Oturehua Central Otago with three little girls and then went on to work on a farm in White Sow Valley Wedderburn where the 2 boys were born.

Here are all Annie and Owens Family on his 60th Birthday party at 28 Fraser Avenue Ranfurly Otago N.Z. 1975. Owen died in 1980 and we never got another chance for a family photo. Six more grandchildren were born after this day. .

Ranfurly Cemetery New Zealand.

Rena Butel nee Evans, Owen Evans, Wendy Dougherty nee Evans, Richard Evans and Carol Dougherty nee Evans.
Owen died very suddenly at age 65 on the 8th of September 1980. Annie lived till she was aged 91, never missing a week putting a fresh flower on her beloved Owens grave. In this time she moved from her house in Fraser Ave Ranfurly to a pensioners flat learning to drive and buying herself a little yellow ford escort, and taking up bowls and loving it. She moved to the Chalet rest home Ranfurly on the 23rd March 2002. she loved living in this lovely place till the last four days of her life. She died in the Ranfurly hospital on the 6th of March 2007.
Both Annie and Owen are buried in the Ranfurly Cemetry Otago New Zealand.

Annie and The Evans Headstone

Annie Evans wife of Owen looking at the Evans Headstone where her little baby boy Morris David is buried with his Evans Family in the Southern Cemetery Dunedin N.Z.

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Spouse Anges Gravener
Mother Francis Bowman
Gender Ma

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