Beck and Nesbitt

Richhill Co Armagh Northern Island

Irish Street Richhill, Co Armagh Northern Ireland

 Thomas Nesbitt was born 1805 Kilmore Armagh Northern Ireland I don't know who he married. Thomas and his wife  had  Eliza Jane and six other children.

George 1833

Adam Born 1840 in Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland . On the 4th of July 1862 he married Eliza Jane McFadden Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland he was 22.
Their children were: Hugh 1863 - 1938, John 1864, Jane 1867, Sophie 1872 and Elizabeth 1874. Eliza his wife died in 1874 aged 33 probably in childbirth. In 1877 Adam married Mary Anne Bambrick Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland he was 37 with five children. He and Anne’s children were Catherine 1878 - 1954, Sarah 1880, Sophia 1882, Ann 1884, Thomas Adam 1886 - 1917, Martha 1888, George William 1890 - 1903, Robert 1892 - 1916, Jackson 1894, Susan 1896, Herbert 1899 - 1980, Alexander 1899 - 1980 and Frederick Herbert 1901 - 1979.

Thomas Born Richhill in 1840 married Elizabeth Riley 1st December 1861 in Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland aged 21.

William Born 1843 in Richhill he married Mary McFadden 

Joseph Born 1845 in Richhill

Eliza Jane Born 1847 in Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland, she married James Beck 2nd December 1864 aged 17 years in Richhill Northern Ireland.

Sophie Born 1855 in Richhill Armagh Northern Ireland she married Richard Porter.

Thomas Adam

Born about t 1887
Age at enlistment: 27
Birth County: Armagh
Document Year: 1914
Regimental Number: 15081
Regiment Name: Royal Irish Fusiliers
Eliza Jane Nesbitt married James Beck. Photo taken in Belfast Ireland.
Catherine Nesbitt daughter of Adam's second marriage to Mary Anne Bamford. Adam was Eliza Jane's brother.

The Becks of Mullaghbrack.

Around the time of the Plantation of Ulster with Protestan settlers. A John Beck and his brother Adam came out to Ireland from England Believed to be 1600. He is credited with two children: Adam born about 1648 in Mallabrack Ireland Married to Margaret. & John born about 1650 in Mallabrack Spouse Elizabeth Robinson married 4/11/1698 at Lucean Quaker Meeting House. Died 3/7/1718 at Anncloy Ballinderry, Quaker Graveyard?, Lisburn, Antrim. Mullaghbrack is a parish in Armagh in the Barony of Fews Lower.
John's Brother Adam had two Childern, Adam And John and they lived in Cransha
Barony of Great Ardes. This was the start of the Beck's family in Ireland.
Tradition has it that two or three brothers one who died after arrival in Ulster, came with English troops in the late sixteenth century. Were these our Ancesters John and Adam, Adam died and John looked over his childern. Adam stayed on at Gransha, and John shifted to Dromore.  In the Muster roll of 1630 includes the names of John and Adam Beck of Gransha Barony of Great Ardes and John Beck of O'Neils.  It is thought that John was one of the Orginal Brothers

Thomas, Charles and James Beck Irish Brothers.

Foreground the remains of Eliza and James Becks compound wall looking down towards the road to Naseby.

We spent this day on Enterprise Hill Naseby looking for the remains of James and Eliza's turf and thatch hut. We found one lot of mud bricks. We are not sure if this was their home, so we had our picnic beside the wall anyway. Have found out since it was the remains of Byfords House. Eliza and James' son Charles married Alice Byford.  You could shut your eyes and imagine the family in the 1870's.  Margaret my Grandmother would tell of as a little girl, having to take gold into Naseby, or rounding up the milk cow thathad wondered miles. The water had to carried for miles probably from Enterprise gully.. Her Father James Beck was born in 1845 in Irish St Richhill  Kilmore Armagh  Ireland.   He died on 10 Oct 1902 in Naseby Central Otago N.Z.  He was buried on 28 Oct 1902 in Naseby. He was the son of Charles Ford Beck born 1807 in Irish Street Richhill Armagh Ireland, Charles Ford married Margaret Proctor in 1813 in Broad Street Richhill Armagh Ireland.  They three sons:  Thomas, James and Charles.

Thomas:  Was born in 1837 in Richhill Armagh Ireland. He married Ellen Irwin on the 5th May 1865 in Richhill Ireland. Ellen was born in 1837 in Richhill Ireland. She died on the 1st May 1912.   Thomas died on the 24th May 1918 aged 81.


Charles Beck brother of James with his team of horses.

Charles was born 1850 the son of Charles Ford Beck and Margaret Proctor. He came to New Zealand on the Nelson leaving Glasgow on the 1st of October 1874 and arriving at thePort of Otago 3 months later on the 31st December 1874.  He was a ploughman on Maniototo Station and married Margaret Drysdale, with one child they moved to the Idaburn Hotel where 14 more children were born. Their children were Margaret, Jessie, Charles, John, Mary, William (Trevors Becks Father), Joseph, Ellen, Eliza Jane, Ernest, Jemima, Lucy, David, Margaret and Robert. After the death of Charles Margaret had 3 more children with William Beck Charles' nephew.  James Alexander (Jimmy Becks father), Ada Isabella and Hannah Harriet.  The hotel was a stop-over for Cobb and Co Royal Mail Coaches and had first class accomodation. The hotel fittings stayed for many years, some children slept in the original bar room having to go round the counter to their beds.. Charles bought a coalpit at Idaburn and later the surrounding land it was run by his sons and himself. He died in 1901 and is buried at Blackstone hill.

Charles Beck brother of James with some of his family in front of his home in Idaburn.The hotel was a stopover for Cobb and Co Royal Mail Coaches and had first class accomodation. The hotel fittings. Teanie, Georgina Marshall. Jack, Bill (Trevor Becks Father) in front Joe. FRONT: Jessie, Tot, Charles holding Robert.
Margaret nee Drysdale and Charles Beck's grave in the Blackstone Hill cemetry Otago New Zealand.
William Beck (Whiskers Bill) birth certificate.


Eliza Jane Nisbett wife of James Beck. Photo was taken in Belfast before her and James came to Naseby New Zealand.
James was the son of Charles Ford Beck and Margaret Proctor. He was born in 1845 in Irish Street, Richhill Kilmore Armagh Ireland. James and Eliza Jane Nesbitt both lived in Richhill  on the old road from Armagh to Belfast: containing 937 inhabitants in 1837.  James Beck and Eliza Jane Nesbitt married on 2nd of Dec 1864 in Richhill  Kilmore  Aramagh Ireland. Both James & Eliza lived before they were married in Irish Steet. Richhill.  He was 19 and she 17. Their first born baby George had sadly died aged 1 week. They came to New Zealand on the Jessie Osborne leaving 6th November 1875 and arrived in Lyttleton on the 30th January 1876. With them was Annie aged 10, William aged 7, Margaret 4 and Thomas 3 months. Little Margaret and Thomas were the children that were reported sick and died on board the Jessie Osborne. James' cousins Adam and Lucinda and Aunty Ann nee Falloon were already in Christchurch having come out in 1873. 
Eliza died 20th February 1886 aged 38 in Naseby The death registry shows Under Causes of death "Verdict of Jury " Died from Heart Disease" ..  
The family lived in Enterprise Hill in Naseby.
They had seven children with four surving.
James and Eliza Beck and family on the ship The Jessie Osbourne's passenger list on arrival in Christchurch, to continue to Dunedin with Margaret aged 4 years and Thomas 3 months dying on the journey. You will see this in the first column.
Map showing the homes of Eliza and James Beck on Enterprise Hil. Their neighbours the Hewetts. Byfords near the main road to Naseby. Notice The home of the Bush family. Annie daughter of James and Eliza married Peter Bush a miner from Prussia German
Enterprise Hill with Eliza and James Becks high wall right up on the top of the hill the pine trees beside. The horse and wagons are coming to the coalpit road turnoff. I wonder where they are going?
James Beck Death Certificate.

Anne daughter of Eliza and James

The headstone of Eliza and James in the Naseby cemetery New Zealand.

Annie:   Was born in Richhill Armagh Ireland in 1865. She came to New Zealand aged 10. When she was 16 she married Peter Bush a gold miner born in Prussia Germany in 1834. His father was a sea pilot. In 1853 he married in the United States of America amd was made a widower. He came to Naseby in 1867. Annie and Peter were married in Naseby in 1882 she was 17 and he 48. Their household was described as a sod and tin Hut in Enterprise Gully down from Enterprise Hill where Eliza and James lived. Their first child died in 1882. Their second was Hannah Harriet who when Margaret came to live with them after Eliza, Margaret and Annie's Mother died they ended up like sisters. Annie and Peters third and fourth children died Elizabeth Ann at 9 months in 1886, and their baby son John Peter aged 5 weeks. The babies are buried in the Naseby cemetry New Zealand with their Father Peter Bush. Plot 1 Block 1 Row W. Annie we think may have lived with her daughter Hannah and her husband Pat Spillane. In 1896 Peter was granted a prohibition order against Annie. Witnesses for Peter's will were James Brown and James Alexander.  Annie Beck Bush Died and is buried in Dunedin. 
George was born in Richhill Amargh Ireland 19th May 1867 he died 26th May 1867 in Richhill.

Margaret was born 19th January 1871 at Richhill she died 1876 on board the 'Jessie Osbourne'.

Thomas was born 23rd January 1875 in Richhill,Armagh Ireland he died in 1876 on board the 'Jessie Osbourne'.

The Beck coalpit at Idaburn. Right is William Beck (Whiskers Bill) and beside him is Charles (County Charlie) his brother. Others could be some Becks amongst the worker

Charles known as County Charlie son of Eliza and James

Charles Beck known as County Charlie.

Charles was born 22 December 1877 in Naseby. He died 11 June 1966. He was only 9 years old when his Mother Eliza Jane died 11 years younger than older brother William (Whiskers) and only 3 years older than his little sister Margaret (my Nana).  He married Alice Byford in Naseby 1908 They had nine children. Sarah, Arthur (living 2 months) Margaret (living 2 months), Charles, Alfred, Thomas, Jessie ( living 7 weeks), Leonard and Marie. Charles was known as Roadman County Charlie as he worked on the council and it was a way of distinguishing between all the Charles Becks.. He lived in a house near to Oturehua.. County Charlie died 1963 in Dunedin and is buried in the Andersons Bay cemetry with his wife Alice.  Their three children Arthur died 1909, Margaret died 1910 and Jessie died 1918 are buried with their Grandparents Eliza and James Beck and also their Uncle William (Whiskers) Beck in plot 5 &7 Block P in the Naseby cemetry New Zealand.

Alice nee Byford and her Husband Charles Beck, ??? David Griffiths husband of Margaret nee Beck with their daughter Annie Evans nee Griffiths and William Beck (Whiskers Bill). Charles, Margaret and William are children of Eliza and James Beck

William known as Whiskers Bill son of Eliza and James

Annie Evans nee Griffiths and her Uncle William (Whiskers Bill) Beck. He was the brother of Margaret Griffiths nee Beck and Charles Beck children on Eliza and James Beck.

William was born 11th March 1869 Richhill.  He was 19 years old when his Mother Eliza Jane died, 11 years older than his brother Charles and 13 years older than Margaret his little sister.He was known as Whiskers Bill and lived in a big hut to the left of Charles and Margaret Becks his Aunt and Uncle. He had 3 children with Margaret after the death of Charles. James Alexander, Ada Isabella and Hannah Harriet. (The old Idaburn Hotel)  In 2007 the Idaburn Hotel was refurbished and opened as a Restaurant and Bar named "Whiskery Bills".. Whiskers worked in the Beck coal mine and farm and other labouring jobs at Idaburn. William Beck died in the Ranfurly hospital on the 10th of September 1949. He is buried in the Naseby cemetry with three children of his brother Charles's. Arthur, Margaret and Jessie and his Parents Eliza and James Beck. In Block P plot 5 & 7.

William Beck (Whiskers Bill) his hut to the left of the Idaburn Hotel on the main highway from Ranfurly to Alexandra. N.Z.

Margaret daughter of Eliza and James

Margaret Beck

Margaret   (Annie's Mother). She was born on 9 Jun 1880 in Naseby.  She was christened on 9 Jul 1882 in St George's church of England. Sponsors were Her Mother Eliza and Peter Busch (Bush) Naseby.  She died on 1 Jan 1962 in Melbourne St  Dunedin  N.Z . Margaret ( nee Beck) was buried on 3 Jan 1962 in Anderson Bay cemetry Dunedin.    Margaret was only 6 when her Mother Eliza Jane died, she went to live with her sister Anne who had married Peter Busch on 12th Jun 1882 in Naseby, Central Otago, New Zealand. Peter was born in 1834 in  Prussia Germany. He died on 25 Mar 1902 in Naseby.Their household in Enterprise Gully was a sod and iron hut. James and Eliza lived up on Enterprise Hill.  Anne and Peter had a daughter Hannah Harriet.  They had lost 3 infants with Hannah Harriet their only child surviving,  She was probably only two when Margaret came to live with them.  Hannah was always known as Auntie Hannah to me. Margaret and Hannah started school at the same time in January 1890. They were like sisters all their lives.. Hannah Harriet married Patrick Francis Spillane a butcher in St Peters Roman Catholic church Ophir Cental Otago. Patrick was born in Lawrence. They had four children: Ellen, Ted, May and Maurice. For report on Maurice please go to Papers past in menu..

David Edward Griffiths son of John and Anne

David Edward Griffiths

 David Edward Griffiths: was born on the 21st January 1879 in Cambrian St. Bathans New Zealand. He died on the 27th April 1985 and is buried in the Andersons Bay cemetry Dunedin N.Z.
After his the death of his parents the Griffiths family split up and David Edward who would have been aged 10 milked cows for a Mr Anderson of Blackstone Hill. In 1891 aged 12 he is on the Blackstone Hill school roll, walking to school each day. ( David (my Granddad) told us that he left home because there was too much praying) In 1899 he was shown on the general roll as living in Wedderburn. David Edward Griffiths a carrier of Naseby asked Margaret to marry him whilst they were standing on a little bridge below Enterprise Hill Naseby where her Father still lived.  The bridge has gone since the little gravel road to Naseby became a busy sealed road.  
Margaret  married  David  son of John and Ann Griffiths on 28th March 1900 at her father James Beck (a miner in Naseby) residence on Enterprise Hill Naseby N.Z.  This was the 100th marriage in the Naseby District. Witnesses were William Beck brother of Margaret of Naseby and Lavinia Griffiths David's sister of Cambrians.  David ran a carrying business for old Jim Botting in Naseby for 25/- a month. Later they moved to Omakau & Chatto Creel working on the railway to Alexandra where he was an inspector. They shifted to Dunedin where he worked on the wharf and in the 1919 roll is shown with Margaret living at 9 Thomas Burn Street Dunedin. On his retirement they moved to Wedderburn until they moved to a pensioner flat at 275 Melbourne Street Dunedin. On his death certificate it show his mother as Louisa Ann Griffiths. The 1919 roll shows his brother Robert Owen Griffiths living at 19 Burke Street Mornington Dunedin. Motorman. with Isabella Jane.. 
Margaret and David had five children:
Lavinia (Beck). Rex, Tom, Arthur and Annie (Evans). 
 Annie tells us that when she was born her Grandfather James Beck put money in her hand. Her Mother Margaret has told her of this.

Naseby Cottage of Margaret and David Griffiths

Margaret and Davids youngest child Annie Margaret Evans nee Griffiths beside her parents little cottage in Naseby

Margaret and David's little cottage near to Naseby. Lavinia, Rex and Arthur were born here. Tom was born in Alexandra and Annie in Dunedin. Here is Annie Margaret Evans nee Griffiths and David's youngest daughter showing us the house.

Elizabeth Lavinia Griffiths

Lavinia Griffiths on her wedding day to William Beck

Elizabeth Lavinia GRIFFITHS 21Nov1900 Naseby- 4 Jun 1985 married William BECK at Idaburn, Parents Charles Beck & Margaret DRYSDALE Charles James’s Brother) their -Children--were Arthur David William  .. Ronald Rexiter  Stanley Thomas Charles .. Raymond Leslie 23 .. Jessie Lavina adopted .. Doreen Margaret ..Trevor John ..
Vena after Bill's death married 
David Drysdale BECK 15 Aug 1913 (Charles Beck’s Grandson)

Rexiter John James Griffiths

Rexiter John James Griffiths

Rexiter John James GRIFFITHS 21 Aug 1902 NaGRIFFITHS 21 Jan 1926- 24 Feb 1988. They had one child Clifford He was adopted at birth by Margaret and David. 

In the 1930's Rex had a carrier business carting fish then worked in Wet Fish shop in Rattray St Dunedin and worked there for many years until in worked for Otago Fruit and Produce in Bond & Crawford Sts. One of his duties was to ripen bananas. From there he worked for the restaurant, hotel and hospital workers Union until he retired.     On the 10th of Dec 1930 at St Patrick's Basilica Rexiter John James Griffiths aged 28 a Carrier and Bachelor, born at Naseby, Parents David Edward Griffiths & Margaret Griffiths nee Beck of Dunedin Married Eileen Nora Ritchie aged 22 years, a spinster, born in Dunedin 30th May 1908, of Dunedin, father David Ritchie Railway employee and mother Elizabeth Florence Ritchie nee Manning. Witnessed by John Gardner Motor Mechanic of 540 Anderson Bay Rd and Rita Whelan a machinist of 34 Fawcett St. Dunedin Officiating Minister Thomas Hally Denomination Catholic. Their children:  David. Bryan. Russell and Dawn.seby 22 June 197

Thomas David Griffiths

Thomas David Griffiths

Thomas David GRIFFITHS born in Naseby  1905-1980) married Lillian PHILLIPS (1908-1973Tommy Griffiths one of the best-known New Zealand boxers, he won national titles as both an amateur and professional. He first fought in 1921. He won the Mid Canterbury Flyweight, he was the Otago flyweight champion and was selected In 1922 took the New Zealand flyweight title as well as Otago and South Island, retaining them the next year. In 1924 he held bantamweight title, and at the end of the year turned professional winning a great number of bouts. As an amateur had 49 Fights won 46 lost 3. As a pro 31 fights won 17 lost 10 Drew 3  
In 1930's was in partnership with his brothers, Griffiths Bros Carriers. After marriage lived in North Dunedin. Had fish shop and general groceries later worked for McPherson & Kemp as traveller calling on dairies, brought his own Dairy Crn of High & Hope Sts. Then in the Fitzroy Hotel, White Star in Queenstown and later mine host at Kensington Hotel King Edward St. From there to Te Ra Airi Guest house in High St then retiring to St Kilda.   
Their Children were Raymond 6 Jun 1926 and Thomas David 1 May 1928  

Arthur Charles Griffiths

Arthur Charles Griffiths

Arthur Charles GRIFFITHS (1912-1980)  Evelyn W MARKS -Their Children Shirley.  Kenneth 12 Jun 1933 & Maureen. 
Then Arthur married Alice Edith Herring born 28 Apr 1918- 4 Jul 1972. Arthur and Alice  
lived in a big house at the top of Ravensbourne. From the street there was a path down into a valley and then up to the house. Arthur worked on the wharf until he was injured. I can remember him as a great cook.  Their children are Margaret, Mirriam, Joy, Cleve, Tony, Neville, Ross & Stephen.

Annie Margaret Griffiths

Annie Margaret Griffiths

Anne Married Morris Owen Evans on 16 Dec 1936, at the First Church of Otago  Owen was born in Dunedin on 26 Feb 1915 Parents were Morris Evans and Bertha Scoular They had 6 children Morris David died on 31/1/38 aged 3 days: Carol Anne. Rena Margaret. Wendy Fay. Owen John  & Richard Edward. 
Owen and Anne lived in Thomas Burns Street after they were married, next door to Anne's parents, then in the 1940s shifted to Central Otago. Owen was a rabbiter living in a house on highway 85 towards Blackstone Hill, across the road from aunty Pearl and Uncle Jim Beck, then to White Sow Valley and managed a farm for Winifred Smith. Then worked for Jim Cromb on his farm and before Owen retired worked for the county and lived in Ranfurly.

Margaret and David Griffiths with their eldest Lavinia (Vena) sitting between them with from left Arthur, Rex, Tom and Annie on her Fathers knee. As children they all attended the Albany Street school in Dunedin.
Goldmining at Hogburn

Rex with someone Brown at Hogburn Naseby

Trevor Beck and Carol Evans
Sundried Bricks Idaburn

Bill Beck husband of Lavinia Griffiths & Margaret Griffiths his mother in law making sundried bricks house Idaburn
Clifford Griffiths

Cliff was adopted by Margaret and David the day he was born. His father was Rex.
Rex and Lavinia

These children were born in Naseby to Margaret and David.
Nana and Granddad.

How we remember them

Annie's 21st Birthday Party

Annie Margaret Griffiths

Mr and Mrs D Griffiths gave a delightful dance in the Embasy Salon in honour of their youngest daughter Annie.  Mrs Griffiths who wore a gown of black crepe de chine and lace, reveived the guests. She was assisted by Miss Annie Griffiths, who wore a frock of pink silk crepon. Mrs W.Beck sister of the guest of honour was also present and wore a green taffeta frock.  The supper table was prettily decorated and during supper Miss Annie Griffiths' engagement to Mr Owen Evans was announced.

From the O.D.T.

Rex and Eileen

Rex and Eileen Griffiths
Mother and Daughter

Margaret Griffiths nee Beck and her daughter Lavinia Beck
Annie and Owen

Annie nee Griffiths and Owen Evans
Picnic at the Naseby swimming Dam. 1948. Carol, Rena, Wendy Evans with David and Bryan Griffiths, Eddie Ryan and Owen Evans.

Tommy Griffiths Australasian Boxer.

Tommy Griffiths as I remember him

Brilliant Boxer.
          Boy from Dunedin
    The part of the programme that gave most pleasure at last week's New Zealand Championship meeting was that when the Dunedin boy. Tommy Griffiths was appearing.  Griffiths is the prettiest boxer imaginable, and when opposed to Keily of the Coast the first night, the pair gave an exhibition that will never be forgotten by those present.  Griffiths is the essence of coolness and he never gets flustered.  His left hand works with machine-like precision and his right is by no-means an ornament.  Some boy this Griffiths.
From the the New Zealand Truth 1925.

Otago Cricket Cap

Annie pride and joy her cricket cap she played for Otago 1933
Otago Cricket

Annie front 2nd from the left in the Otago womens cricket team 1933.
Christmas Idaburn

Carol, Rena, Wendy, Trevor with Annie and her Mother Margaret Griffiths.
Tom, Lavinia (Beck) Rex, Arthur Annie Evans (Griffiths) Front: David and Margaret (Beck) Griffiths. Inserts: Margaret and her cousin Hannah Spillane (Busch) Margaret and Hannah's mothers Eliza and Annie Beck were sisters in law. Annie Evans (Griffiths) cutting her 70th birthday cake.

Moving to the Country

Annie and Owen with Carol. Rena and Wendy

Owen was a fitter and turner and Annie a seamstress with Ross and Glendening in Dunedin. After marrying they moved to a house next door to Annies parents Maragert and David Griffiths in Thomas Burn Street over the railway bridge. They lost their first little baby Morris David when he was three days old He is buried in the Southern cemetery with his Evans Fanily. After having three little girls Carol Anne, Rena Margaret and Wendy Fay, they decided to shift to Central Otago (to give their daughters a better life). They worked on a farm in Oturehua (Bob Deaker) and then Owen got work at 'Lustleigh' the farm belonging to Winnifred and Ernie Smith in the White Sow Valley Wedderburn.  He biked from Blackstone Hill to work everyday for weeks, when a cottage became available later the family shifting.  Ernie died suddenly and Owen took on the managers job. Two sons Owen John and Richard Edward were born while living here.


Annie (nee Griffiths) and Owen Evans lived here with their three little girls when they first moved to the Country. This mudbrick house was over the main road from Pearl and Jim Beck house. McDairmids have built a house in front.

The mud brick house at Idaburn of Lavinia and Bill Beck. Their Grandson Patrick son of Judy and Trevor Beck lives there now.
Annies Parents Maggie and David shifted to Wedderburn and lived over the hill from White Sow Valley in a little cottage belonging to Haveron Geoffrey. Every Sunday Billy the horse pulled the cart with us all aboard for Sunday dinner at the Griffiths'. Us Evans childrens' Nana and Grandad. Rena holding Richard, Carol behind. Wendy and Owen. Outside Maggie and David Griffiths wee house over the hill from the White Sow Valley past pigeon gully towards Wedderburn.
White Sow Valley

Brothers Owen and Richard Evans
White Sow Valley

Rena and Wendy on Duncans Dam
White Sow Valley

Wendy, Carol and Rena Evans
Rena (Evans) Butel and Wendy (Evans) Dougherty standing under the White Sow Valley sign with our little cottage that was so full of love behind.

Allison Lane Ranfurly

Carol, Rena, Wendy, Owen and Richard with their Nana Margaret Griffiths (nee beck). This was taken at Allison Lane in 1960.

The Family left Wedderburn to move to Allison Lane near Ranfurly for Owen to work for Jim Cromb.  Annie worked at the Maniototo Hospital cooking there for many years firstly biking the 3 miles into work. Carol was married to Lawrence Dougherty in 1961. The first to leave home. Margaret Griffiths (nee Beck) died just a few weeks after their wedding...  After a time in Allison Lane Owen got a job with the Maniototo County Council the family moving to a county house in Caulfield Street. They bought their own house in Fraser Avenue off Jackie and Stuart Blue in the 1960's this is where Carol and Lawrence live now and have done so since 1990.

Margaret Griffiths

Margaret Griffiths after being laid to rest at Andersons Bay cemetry. Annie, Owen (partly obscured) Hannah Spillane (Margaret's neice) Mrs Ritchie (Rex's mother in law) Dave Beck (partly obscured) Eileen Griffiths (Rex's wife) Lillian Griffiths (Tommy's wife) Rex Griffiths and Tommy Griffiths. Margaret was the last of Eliza and James children to die.
Andersons Bay. Dunedin

Margaret and Davids grave at Andsersons Bay cemetery. Sitting beside headstone is their youngest child Annie Margaret Evans nee Griffiths.

Annie Margaret Evans nee Griffiths

Annie on her 90th Birthday. We had a party in the chalet Resthome in Ranfurly N.Z.

Annie Margaret Evans nee Griffiths was born in Dunedin on the 21st June 1915. She was the youngest of five children and very spoilt by her older brothers and sister. She became a seamstress after leaving school, with swimming and cricket playing a huge part of her life representing Otago in both. A cricket coach called Owen Evans got his eye on Annie and asked her to play for the team he was coaching. The rest is history!!! Annie and Owen announced their engagement at Annie’s 21st birthday party at the Embassy Salon in Dunedin. They were married at First Church Dunedin on the 16th December 1936. They had six children their eldest Morris David died only 3 days old. Then came Carol, Rena, Wendy, Owen and Richard.The family made a huge shift from the city to Oturehua in 1945 Annie and Owen thought it would be a better life for the children. They then went on to work on a farm in the White Sow Valley Wedderburn where Owen and Richard were born.  The big shift came to Ranfurly and Annie took the opportunity to work being cook at the Maniototo Hospital Ranfurly for a good number of years. She loved at the Hospital great times were had. Annie’s beloved Owen died suddenly in 1980 she then shifted to the pensioners flats and started a new life learning to drive her little cream Ford Escort and taking up bowls, making a lot of lovely new friends. Her final shift her own idea, was to the Chalet Rest Home where she was for 5 very happy years. Annie’s life revolved round her family especially her 15 Grandchildren and 29 great Grandchildren. Annie is the last of Margaret and Davids children to die.

Annie and Owen are buried in the cemetry Ranfurly Otago New Zealand.

The children of Annie nee Griffiths and Owen Evans. Rena Butel, Owen Evans, Wendy Dougherty, Richard Evans and Carol Dougherty. 2007

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