Dougherty family Reunion 1986 at Gimmernurn

Decendants of Sarah and Charles.

Around 150 people from Auckland to Southland attended the reunion, including the only living child of Sarah and Charles, Sarah Tohill who lives in Wellington. Charles Dougherty and Sarah Kearney(Carney) were married in Saint Eunans church Letterkenny County Donegal in Ireland in 1882 in the following year they sailed for New Zealand.   A short stop was made in Maryborough in Australia where their eldest son Patrick Francis was born.   

In late July 1883 the young family arrived in New Zealand and settled in Oamaru.    Four brothers and two sisters of Charles had already made the trip to New Zealand.    In 1888 the Dougherty's shifted to Gimmerburn living in a house belonging to Sarahs brother Andy Keaney . The property was later bought by Charles brother.    Shortly after their arrival they were successful in a farm ballot for 120 acre block of land adjacent to where they were living. This farm was later expanded by the purchasing known as the coalpit.  .  The farm situated near the foot of the Garibaldi gorge supplied coal to the district and Charles with Mr R. Little contracted for the county forming several roads in the area.

Charles and Sarah had a family of four boys and seven girls and many of their decendents still living in the Maniototo..  A family tree compiled by great grand daughter Mrs Leone O'Malley of Waiau North Canterbury was presented to family members at the reception while Mrs Tohill cut the cake.

The only living member of the family of Charles and Sarah Dougherty is Mrs Sarah Tohill (88) of Wellington shown here at the reunion with the two youngest present Daniel O'Neill of Dunedin and Victoria Rowe of Blenheim
Through the years the Dougherty Family have featured prominently in many New Zealand sports particularly rugby. Shown here at the reunion are five decendants who have represented their union and in some cases New Zealand at Rugby. Mr. J.M.Stuart (Canterbury) Mr Leo Dougherty (North Otago) Mr J.C Kearney (Otago and All Blacks) Mr P.E.Dougherty ( Otago) and Mr R.C. Stuart (Canterbury and Captain of All Blacks 1953-54) Mr R C. Stuart also represented Canterbury and All Blacks but was unable to attend the reunion because of Illness.

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