The Cavadores.

The Cavadores.

There is a grave in front of Bridget and James Spedderi and Henry McErlane (brother & brother in law of Rosina nee Spedderi and Peter McErlane) in the Naseby Cemetry. The headstone has fallen over no way I could lift it. I was very curious as to who was buried there as it is so close to the others. So I found out. It is Bridget (Irish) and Francis Cavadore. He was born about 1831 in Messina on the Italian Island of Sicily. He became a naturlized New Zealander on the 2oth February 1884 aged 53. His address was Garibaldi. Naseby and occupation a Miner. He was the first owner of The Crown Hotel Wedderburn He acquired land in Wedderburn 2/2/1885 was a storekeeper and had an accomodation house there that year. He sold the hotel lisence to James Caldwell 1888. His wife Bridget had land in Gimmerburn and on the census records she always lived in Gimmerburn he in Wedderburn I can't find them anywhere in the births deaths or marriages.. She applied for 50 acres ajoining section 7 block 1  Gimmerburn district in 1896 I don't know if she got ot or not, beside James Mcknights block now owned by Garrawaye. In 1897 she leased one block that was section 23  block 1, (E.C.Cutten was her soliciter) she was a  Neighbour to Charles Burris on his section 24 block 1. She transfered her lease to a William Jurneaux in 1906 for 100 pounds. She was by then a widow. Garrawaye Farm now owns this block buying it off John Dougherty.    Bridget who was illiterate had Sarah Dougherty as a witness in her will. I wonder if the hut and the ground around that was called Biddy's, maybe she had lived there a neighbour to Sarah.    Francis (Frank) died 1902 aged 76 and Bridget 1906 aged 75.  Both are buried in Naseby near Bridget and James Spedderi.   At her service at Naseby taken by Father McMullin there was a big turnout of folk from her area.
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Application to transfer land from Bridget Cavadore to William Journeaux.
The Charles Dougherty mentioned was Fat Charlie. John Docs Uncle.
1896 Bridget applied for 50 acres beside this block that had belonged to James McKnight.

Bridget Cavadores Will

I Bridget Cavadore of Gimmerburn give and bequeath the sum of five pounds sterling to the Roman Catholic Orphanage South Dunedin and the remainder of my property to the Revd. William A. McMullin Ranfurly Otago to be used as directed by me and I hereby appoint the said William A.McMullan as sole executor of this my last will and testament.

Signed by the testator in the joint presence of us who there apon signed Bridget Cavadore X she making her mark.

Our names in her and each others presence.  WITNESSES.

G.M.Hunt Cromwell   Priest

Sarah Dougherty Gimmerburn wife of Charles Dougherty     August 27th 1906  Gimmerburn.

Bridget and Francis Cavadores Grave in Naseby New Zealand with their headstone falling flat on the ground. Francis "Frank" Cavadore Otago NZ Headstone Inscription: Of Your Charity Pray for the Repose of the Soul of Francis CAVADORE died 4th June 1902 aged 76 years. Also his wife Bridget died 1st Sept 1906 aged 75 years. ''R.I.P.' Burial Site: Tall white marble headstone wrought iron fence MANY THANKS TO WHOEVER CONTACTED ME RE THIS INSCRIPTION . An email to you is coming back to me. Cisco Kid.

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