Elliot and O'Brien

Henry Elliot married Esther Glendinning

Henry Elliot was born in Roxburghshire Scotland in about 1790 he died in Roxburghshire in 1818 aged 28.  He married Esther Glendinning born Canterbury Kent in 1796, she died in the United States of America in 1851 aged 55. Esther was the daughter of Adam Glendinning and Elizabeth Crook.

They had William Elliot.




Willie Elliot 1880's
Elliot Farm house Hawick Scotland. The long piece at the back housed the animals.
Elliot Farm house Hawick Scotland

William Elliot's First Family with Helen McVittie.

Helen McVittie
William Elliot was born in Castleton Roxburghshire Scotland in 1817. He was baptised in Nicholforest, Chapelry of Kirkandrews Cumberland. William Elliot had two families:  His first when he was married to Helen McVittie of Hawick Roxburghshire Scotland in 1845 he was 27. They had eight children.  Helen McVittie William's wife died in 1863 aged 40 years. 
Jean (Jane) b 1846  m Thomas Burnet they had Helen, Esther and Beatrix (Twins).  Jean married the 2nd time to Ralph Peart and they had John William. Jean Peart had a 3rd marriage to Milburn English.
Esther Glendinning Elliot  born 3/3/1848 married William Scott 1. Elizabeth
Hendry (Henry) born 22/3/1850 married Mary Turnbull 1. Mary 2. Helen 3. William 
Janet  b 1851 died in 1861 aged 10 years
Helen  b 1854 m James Scott they had Daniel. William. Helen. Henry. Kate. Thomas.  James & 
William b 1856-1920 m Isabella Uprichard they had Susan 1896. Helen 1897. William 1903. Isabella 1905.
Elizabeth b 1859 m David Jack their children Elizabeth. Thomas. Helen. Janet. Davidina. Williamina. Margaret & Jean.
John  b 1861 - 1925 m Marion Armstrong their children William b 1894-196?. Henry 1897 - 192?. Ellen 1897 - 1973 & Janet 1905.
Charlotte died in infancy.

William Elliot's second Family with Elizabeth Little

Elizabeth Little

The second family of William Elliot and Elizabeth Little. They married in West Watergate Langholm in 1864 he was 44.

Isabella b 1964 - 1948. John, Elizabeth, Helen, William, Isabella, Donald, James, Dorothy & Roberta. 
James Blacklock  b 1866.William, John, James, Elizabeth, Henry, Marion, Margaret, George, Thomas. 
Simon b 1867 - 1900. m Elizabeth Simonettra.
Michael b 1869 - 1940. m Effie Barens they had william and Emily
Williamina b 1872.m Richard Davidson no family
Margaret b 1873.m Blacklock Had George, Elizabeth, Simon, John, James, Mary & Roberta.
George Little b 1875. m Mary Murray, William, Thomas and Robert.

David Hardie b 1877.m Agnes Bowden. no family
Charlotte b 1879. died in infancy
Adam John b 1880 he married Winifred O'Brien in 1909.  Their children were Eileen Margaret 1910. Kathleen Elizabeth 1914, Mina Mary 1917, Winifred Alice Isobel 1919, Dorothy John 1924 & Esther (Birdie) Anne 1928.
Adam and Janet were twins.
Janet b 1880. m Alexander Sherrif - William, Elliot & Robert.
Robert Young b 1882-1903 not married.
Mary Elizabeth b 1885. m Thomas Scott no family.
Thomas b 1885.m  Euphamia Grieve.  William died in infancy, Thomas drowned in Ceylon.  Robert . 
Scott b 1887 m Catherine Paterson had William John.
William  b 1902 m Lil Cuthbertson had Aileen 1932. & David 1934.

Williams Letter.

A letter William Elliot wrote to his son Henry when another son Willie left home for New Zealand.                  
                                          Peelbrae Hope July 8th 1882
Dear Henry,
               Willies away. I had a letter from him saying he arrived all right at London and was very well put up their. I got another yesterday written on Bord ship and went back with the Pilot Tug. He says they were all in good health and spirit when it left them, they left London on Saturday at eleven oclock forenoon I went with him to Kewcastleton where he joined other three lads, there was our last sad silent parting the last look is engraved in my memory and there it will remain to the last, in a very few moments the train swept him from my sight it may be almost certain to be for ever. May the God in Heaven Earth and Sea protect and guide him in safety to his destination. God grant he may prosper in his adopted country in honesty and at last return to his Native Land in safety amongst you all crowned with honest success and spend the afternoon and evening of his days in peace and plenty, God Bless Him God Bless you all Sons and Daughters alike, is the sincere wish of your Affectionate,
                                      Father Willie Elliot.

In memory of Helen McVittie wife of William Elliot who doed at Westwater June the 15th 1863 aged 40 years. Also Janet their daughter who died at Arkleton December the 7th 1962 aged 10 years. Also the above William Elliot who died at Peelbraehope 17th December 1897 aged 77 years. Also Charlotte his daughter who died in infancy. Also Robert Young Elliot his son who died in Peelbraehope 9th April 1909 aged 20 years also Elizabeth Little wife of William Elliot who died in New Castleton December the 9th 1923 aged 77 years.

Children that came to New Zealand

David and Adam Elliot

Michael, Adam and David came to New Zealand Michael had  farm at Glenavy & David had farm in Hawkes Bay.
William came out in 1882 to St Helens Station and then to Cheviot, then he bought Liddlebank - part of Greta Peaks.
Sue and Nell lived in Christchurch - never married.
Isabella (Tib) married Charles Higgens a farmer from Waiau North Canterbury N.Z.
John was at Cheviot, then bought Crystal Brool in 1889 on Waihao River near Waimate.
married Alice Wilson - family Margaret (1925) married Alex Armstrong, Henry (1928) married ? he was accidently shot.
Ellen (Nellie) never married - Lived with Janet she married Frank Dugdale farmer in Waimate family Robin, Bruce, Marion & John.

Adam Elliot
Meet the
The O'Briens

Margaret Winskill and Dennis O'Brien.

Grandma Margaret O'Brien with her two grandaughters Kathleen and Eileen Elliot.

Margaret Winskill born 1851 in Appleby Cumberland England and Dennis O'Brien born 1842 were married in Brackenbridge Canterbury N.Z. in 1866.  Margaret was 24  Winifred was born in 1888.

Margaret's parents were Anne Monkhouse and George Winskill born Appleby Cumberland England. They were married in 1839. This was George's second marriage he was aged 40. He had been married to Esther Scott in 1824 aged 25.

Eileen Margaret Elliot
Adam Elliots birth certificate
Marriage certificate of Winifred O'Brien and Adam Elliot

Winifred O'Brien and Adam John Elliot

Winifred O'Brien married Adam John Elliot in 1909.  Adam was the twin of Janet children of William and Elizabeth Little born in 1880.  

Winnie and Adam's children were 

Eileen Margaret 1910.

Kathleen  1914.

Mina 1917. 

Isobel 1919.

Dorothy 1924.

Esther (Birdie) 1928.

Winifred Elliot nee O'Brien
Mina and Kathleen Elliot
Nursing Friends!
Mavis Scott, Everly Mafor and Eileen Elliot.
Isobel Elliot
Winifred Alice Isobel Elliot
Wee Poppa!
Adam Elliot with Grandson Lawrence Dougherty son of Eileen nee Elliot and Leo Dougherty

Six Elliot Girls.

Adam and Winnie with their six daughters.
Eileen Margaret born 1910 married Leo Dougherty
Kathleen Elizabeth born 1914 married Frank Mansfield
Mina Mary born 1917 married Dan Kinney
Winifred Alice Isobel born 1919 married  Frank Kinney
Dorothy John born 1924 married Arthur Dunn and Dave Earl.
Esther (Birdie) Anne born 1928 married Ray Pernisky.
Nana Winnie Elliot nee O'Brien at Garrawaye Farm with Leonie and Lawrence Dougherty.
Eileen & Leo's Children
Bernard, Leonie, Lawrence, Karen, Des, Francie and Patrick. children of Eileen Elliot and Leo Dougherty.
Four Generations
Lawrence Dougherty, his Mother Eileen Dougherty nee Elliot, Winifred Eliott with Larry Dougherty 6 months.
Decendants of Winnifred O'Brien and Adam Elliot Reunio at Alexandra. Rear: Dan Kinney, Leo Dougherty, Frank Kinney, Dave Earl and Ray Perniski. Front: The Elliot Girls. Mina, Eileen, Isobel, Dorothy (Doss) and Esther (Birdie)

Diana Elliot 29.05.2022 07:01

Thanks, often wonder about Waimate rellies. My grt granddad was William of Liddlebank from 1st family. Have met some via grt aunts Sue&Nell who kept in touch.

Joyce Sherratt 30.10.2021 04:24

William was my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather was Thomas, from William's second marriage to Elizabeth Little.

Rebecca Jack 06.12.2018 19:14

Great website, thanks! My gg grandmother was Elizabeth Elliot, daughter of William Elliot & Helen McVittie.

Pam Curtis 06.12.2017 07:48

Hi. My great grandmother was Mary Ann O'Brien, Winnifred's sister. Love to hear what else you have on the O'Briens.

carol dougherty 09.12.2017 05:51

Hello Pam, Lovely to hear from you have forwarded your message to someone that may know more. regards Carol Dougherty

carol dougherty 05.04.2016 05:27

I was not the researcher, this information was given to me. Do you know who he married?

Jude Elliot 05.04.2016 05:12

There is a huge error on this page regarding John Henry Elliot who was accidentally shot on our farm in 1924. He was NOT married to Esme Elliot.

carol dougherty 03.04.2016 22:36

Willie Eliott was married twice and had two families. Elizabeth Little was Adams Mother. All details are above.

amy 10.02.2016 22:47

What was William 's relation to Adam, were they brothers?

amy 03.04.2016 09:55

Or did he marry twice

amy 03.04.2016 09:36

Who was his mother?

carol dougherty 28.03.2016 21:57

Hi Amy all my photos are on this page.

Amy 28.03.2016 08:36

Are there photos of Anne wilson?

carol 11.02.2016 00:33

Yes brothers. Their Father was William (Willie)

Jude Elliot 30.09.2014 09:59

John Henry Elliot 1961 was my ggf. For a bit more info - look here http://www.mcvittie.co.uk/Elliot.htm. Please contact me for more info.

April Robinson 12.01.2014 15:26

Hi, I am a descendant of William Elliot as I think you are. Would like to be in touch.
Rgds, April

Ian Davidson 17.10.2013 20:42

Hi Carol,
Pleased to find the photos of Peelbraehope and my GG Grandmother Elizabeth Little here - I hadn't seen before - Simon Elliot was my G Grandfather.

Jude Elliot 05.04.2016 05:09

I have a photo of Simon Elliot.

M B Hamilton 04.06.2015 04:27

Hi Ian.Would like to make contact re your family tree.I am gson of.
Michael Elliot from NZ.Regards Michael Hamilton

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