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Written by old nicky doc on 29. Sep, 2009
thanks carol im abit like sandra alot of laughs and tears!i have always loved the one of lee leaning on the cow trying to get it on truck!you are very cleaver!xx
Written by sandra on 25. Sep, 2009
a lot of laughs a few tears thanz for a lovely website aunty carol
Written by Clare Wynn-Williams on 22. Sep, 2009
Brilliant site Carol, well done. lots to look at!
Written by DonnaMarie on 4. Sep, 2009
Hi Carol!
Thank you for expressing your special thoughts of my website. Alot of Love was put into your website as well. You have a lovely family. Enjoyed the music and New Zealand all the way from New York.
Thanks Again! DonnaMarie
Written by adampatmarie on 5. Jun, 2009
Hi Carol great web site were wondering where are all the good(nude)shots are !!!
Written by Holger on 18. May, 2009

I have had a look at the nice photos. A very nice and informative homepage. A lot of fun with the other creation and lots of love from the Baltic Sea.

Holger from Wismar
Written by MAC on 18. Oct, 2008
Written by Pauli from Finland on 5. Aug, 2008
Very nice website !
Written by Tim Snyder on 8. Apr, 2008
Thanks for the message! It's great hearing from New Zealand.What a great looking family.As the boys father I played alot of softball when I was younger.The boys play pro baseball and hope to play in the Majors someday. Gooday!!
Written by Rena Butel on 20. Aug, 2007
Enjoyed catching up on your new photos . Have done a bit of work on mine and got some good responses - Love
Written by Catherine Nott on 19. Jun, 2007
This site has been made with a great deal of LOVE.
Thank you for sharing.
Written by Tony & Veronica Ware on 7. Jun, 2007
Hi Dougherty Family! What a cool website & a cool family! It Really allows people from all over (Like Dallas, Texas)get to see a little bit of life from all over the world. Congrats on the new baby!
Written by Rena Butel on 6. Jun, 2007
Love your Site - puts mine to shame!! Well done being in the Newsletter
Written by Kim (Pinky) on 1. Jun, 2007
Nice website, I really liked the Xmas photos.
Written by Steve Dougherty on 28. May, 2007
Good website Mummy Darling XXX

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05.08 | 22:46

Lovely to hear from you Mike.

31.07 | 21:58

Lovely to hear from you Lauren x

16.07 | 20:22

Hello, I am the great granddaughter of Annie Kearney O’Donnell (daughter of Annie McCool). Annie Kearney’s son, William O’Donnell, had 16 grandchildren, NJ USA

14.07 | 05:10

I am sorry I did not reply to this. I do not know too much about the Spitteri part of our family. I assume you still live in New Zeland. I live in Florida.