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Written by Judy Ormond on 10. Jul, 2011
Hello All in NZ, I found information on John Donaldson Scoullar some years back. My interest is in both the NZ Scoullars & Australian Scoullers who lived at Narioka, Victoria...not far from where I live.
Written by Donnamarie on 22. Feb, 2011
Hi Carol,
Watching the news and thought of you and your lovely family.Hope everyone is ok. Your Website is simply lovely and I can see that you put alot of time and love with expression into your site. Wishing you all well.

Written by Doreen Scoullar on 10. Jan, 2011
Hi all. Great site!! I am looking for Maureen Ingram. I have tryed the email address she had below but my email failed to send. I am also looking for information on John Donaldson Scoullar.
Thanks all and happy new year.....
Written by Holger on 28. Nov, 2010
I wish you the nice first Advent, blessed Christmas and a lot of fun during the days before Christmas.

Many lots of love from Holger from Wismar
Written by Peter on 27. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Paul Rooney on 27. Apr, 2010
I have found your site when looking for the Kearney family from Ardaganny Ireland (from my father's, mother's side). I have not found much on this side that can be confirmed. Could you give me any more information about Sarah Dougherty she looks very similar to my grand mother (1909-1989)child of William Kearney.

Regards Paul Rooney
Written by Linda on 25. Apr, 2010
Hello - good to learn more about my ancestors. Still trying to see where we fit it, but there are so many.
We live in Dunedin, my father was one of 13 siblings also... argh
Written by Tanya on 22. Apr, 2010
Nice website! Tanya
Written by Deirdre Stanley nee griffiths on 11. Apr, 2010
Was googling Uncle Tommy for fun and came across your website. It really bought back memories. Thanks
Written by Maureen Ingram on 20. Jan, 2010
Very exciting coming across your website re Evans family information. My G/Grandmother Elizabeth Donaldson Scoullar was the elder sister of Bertha Scoullar. Started researching Scoullar family about 4yrs ago with very little info to start with and unaware there were 12 children. Mystery about John Donaldson Scoullar no one seems to know who his parents were. Have a photo of the Gibbs family c1903 and another of Minnie Amelia Scoullar(2nd Daughter)so loved the photos of Bertha. Wondering if anyone in the Evans family have any other photos
or information about the scoullars.I do have BDM documents I can share and other information if anyone is interested.Wonder if you would consider scanning the photos of Bertha and e-mailing them and I could do the same with my photos.
Written by Bradley on 17. Jan, 2010
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Written by Peter on 14. Jan, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Rena Butel on 20. Dec, 2009
The Family History you have added to this site is fantastic Carol and such a legacy to our family. Thanks so much
Written by Christine Joyce on 2. Nov, 2009
Great website.Varied and interesting. We have learned a huge amount about the Spedderi family from this.Thank you.
Written by Jen on 2. Oct, 2009
This is an awesome site Carol wonderful family history. Keep up the good work. Jenny

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Lovely to hear from you Mike.

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Lovely to hear from you Lauren x

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Hello, I am the great granddaughter of Annie Kearney O’Donnell (daughter of Annie McCool). Annie Kearney’s son, William O’Donnell, had 16 grandchildren, NJ USA

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I am sorry I did not reply to this. I do not know too much about the Spitteri part of our family. I assume you still live in New Zeland. I live in Florida.