Daisy Evans

Daisy or Dolly as her Father William Evans (from Wales now a stoker at the gasworks in  Dunedin) called her was born on the 21st September 1879 at Kensington South Dunedin N.Z. Her Mother Phoebe nee Westlake ( Mile End old Town London). She married Henry William Major a voyage seaman from London on the 5th February 1898 he was 23 she 21. His father Henry Major was a tin smith, his Mother was Emily nee Westlake. Daisy and Henry would have been cousins as their mothers Phoebe and Emily were sisters. Henry Major worked also at the gas works. The couple had a daughter Pearl Gladys born 1898. Their marriage ended up in divorce in 1907 after He attemted to desert her. He had taken a position on a Union Company ship as a stoker. He was sentenced to one month imprisonment for desertion. William Evans Daisy's father had supported her and her child since Henry's desertion of them.  Henry returned to England and met and married Florence Tait in the Yorkshire riding and had 5 children.  Henry was lost at sea on the 2nd Ferbruary 1918 aged 33 after his ship ss Jaffa was torpedoed when on route from Boulonge to South Hampton by a german submarine UB30 and sunk when 3 miles East by South from Owers light vessel English channel 10 lives were lost.

Pearl Gladys  Daisy and Henry Majors Daughter married William John Gibbs 1915 she was 17. He was killed while on active duty in France 1918 aged 28 he is buried in a France Annex British cemetery. She was left a widow at 20.  She remarried in 1922 to James Rupert Stokes born 1885 England. He was living in Careys bay Port Chalmers. His next of kin was his Mother Mrs E Stokes West Croydon Surrey England on his embarkment he was single 1915. he is buried in Port Chalmers cemetery. They divorced in 1942.  

Doris Evans  Daisy's Daughter married Frderick Logie Olsen in 1934. She is buried with her parents at Port Chalmers cemetery.

Daisy remarried to Edward Athfield a fisherman from Port Chalmers in 1909.  Their children

Edward. married Gertrude Irene Haywood.  Edward's address before enlistment WW2 Pre 1940-1941 Careys Bay Port Chalmers.  Army.. 27th machine gun Battalion second N.Z. expeditionary force.  Died 1979 aged 70 buried Port Chalmers RSA Cemetery. 

John Claude born 1914 died 1993 married Dorothy Jean Sellars.

Edna Jessie she married Jack Wheeler. They had a son Trevor Wheeler a well known Dunedin singer Saw him many a time in Joe Browns search for stars in Dunedin.. Trevor married Joe Browns daughter Linda. Trevor died in 2013 aged 68.

Douglas Owen   died 1918 aged 1 year. He is buried with his parents at Port Chalmers

Picnic with Aunt Daisy in Port Chalmers cemetery 2013.

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Lovely to hear from you Mike.

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Lovely to hear from you Lauren x

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Hello, I am the great granddaughter of Annie Kearney O’Donnell (daughter of Annie McCool). Annie Kearney’s son, William O’Donnell, had 16 grandchildren, NJ USA

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I am sorry I did not reply to this. I do not know too much about the Spitteri part of our family. I assume you still live in New Zeland. I live in Florida.