Leo Charles Spedderi Dougherty

Chat with daughter Karen.

Leo taken at the latest Dougherty reunion at Gimmerburn 2007.
Yesterday I was going through a note book of mine from when I talked to Lee one day at the chalet. He talked about their time at Kuriheka/Island Stream about  how the cows were always at the top of the hill when it came to milking time and the dog Stumpy, they had used to swing on the end of the cows tails getting them home, about his girl friend Aileen Smith was a great violinist and who killed herself with stricknen. Aileen's father had a big Stallion which he used to show and visit farmers with, but he used to take a small pony as well with him to make the stallion look big.   A Jim Wink who also had a champion stallion.  Lee's mother Ellen would never miss Mass she would walk over broken glass to get there., that she had a lot of money, and had 280 acres, grew great crops of wheat and milked cows, (never wrote where that was but must have been at Gimmerburn).  When they  left Gimmerburn as a boy he said they had a manager called Jack Millar who managed the farm two years then leased to Kerr's for 14 years, 1924-25-26 at Christian Brothers in Dunedin. St.Kevins 1927.  Used to take him and hour to bike home from SKC on Friday night to Teschemakers and Poppa would take him back on Sunday night.  When Nanna & Poppa were at Teschemakers Albert Watson worked for them as a ploughman for 4 years.. When they shifted to Oamaru  to Trent St, Nellie and Albert lived with them for a while. When they sold the farm they got the same price they paid for it. sold in depression times, many farmers went broke , also a 3 year drought at the time. Poppa had enough money to by the house in Oamaru  plus 5 pound. Poppa came to live with Ma & Lee after Nanna died. He said boys used to play up on Poppa a bit but Patrick never got growled at. Uncle Larry lived with them when they first went home to farm, they lived in the JImmy Spedderi's house. When Larry went to empty the  toilet, he used to say "he was off to bury Marj"" Lee didn't know why he called the can that.  I have written Larry looked after farm for a year then went to Oamaru not sure where or when that would have been  . Rabbits were bad.   Ma & Lee took Poppa's car on their honey moon.  Lee only had 100 pound when they married plus 200 pound insurance money which his father had taken out for him when he was born.  Bought 1/2 ton chevy truck when they got married.  Took 4 hours to get from Gimmerburn to Oamaru in Tin Lizzie Ford. Poppa had. Had 500 ewes. 300 wethers up the hill. Sewed lucerne when he first came to farm.  Ellen wouldn't marry  as long as her father was alive. House they lived was dirt & tussock brick, double walls.  Blocks 14 x 7.  4 bedroooms. Put tube in for sink. Dragged down old tin hut had a tent and lived in those while house was being built. Breens built  house in about 3 months.  Cooked in old kitchen. Put eves on house and painted bricks  thats why house stood so long. Grandfather built first house of turf.  Next one mud dry brick, then next one tussock and mud. Armours had Closeburn which was all one then split up and balloted. Ellen drew a ballot has did Larry. Ellen gave  one block to her sister. Jimmy had 60 acres where house is. Larry drew Larry's and Ellen big Lagoon paddock.  Rates in 3 different counties,  Andy's - Wedderburn county, Maniototo county where house is and Puketoi across Gimmerburn creek.  Lee had 29 lease papers.

Leo resided in the Chalet Rest Home at the time of this chat in Ranfurly Otago New Zealand.

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Lovely to hear from you Mike.

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Lovely to hear from you Lauren x

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Hello, I am the great granddaughter of Annie Kearney O’Donnell (daughter of Annie McCool). Annie Kearney’s son, William O’Donnell, had 16 grandchildren, NJ USA

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I am sorry I did not reply to this. I do not know too much about the Spitteri part of our family. I assume you still live in New Zeland. I live in Florida.