Griffiths and Beck Papers Past.

John Griffiths Slaughter Lisence 1973.
Part 2.John Griffiths in the 1870's PIGS..
Eliza Jane Nisbett married James Beck, They were parents of Margaret who married David Griffiths. Margaret and David were Annie Evans's parents. Margaret was a very young girl when this happened so she went to live with her Sister Anne who had married John Peter Busch on 12 Jun 1882 in Naseby, Central Otago, New Zealand. They lived in a sod and iron hut at Enterprise Gully Naseby. John was born in 1834 in Prussia, Germany. He died on 25 Mar 1902 in Naseby, Central Otago, New Zealand. He was buried on 27 Mar 1902 in Naseby. Their daughter Hannah Harriet and Margaret were like sisters. Hannah married Patrick Francis Spillane in 1903.
John Griffiths was married to Ann. they were parents of David father of Annie Evans.
Cambrian gold mining town 1869.
A close call!
Tommy Griffiths boxer. Son of Margaret and David and brother to Lavinia, Rex, Arthur and Annie Evans.
Tommy Griffiths Son of Margaret & David.
1881 Otago Witness.
Otago Witness 1894.

Maurice Spillane son of Hannah Spillane nee Bush.

Maurice Spillane, who died in Dunedin 15 Dec 1998 began making his mark as a talented sportsman early in his life. At Christian Brothers High School, where he received his secondary education, he won championship trophies at boxing, athletics, cricket and rugby football in 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1933. He then went into the Dunedin senior rugby team in 1934. In 1936, he played in a strong Marist team while working for the New Zealand Post Office in Wellington, and in 1938 he played four games for the Otago rugby team at second five-eighth. In that year, he was a member of the Otago team which won the Ranfurly Shield from Southland. Mr Spillane spent his working life in the clerical division of the New Zealand Post Office, interrupted by war service, and he retired after being an employee at the Chief Post Office in Dunedin. He was a member of the St Clair Bowling Club, later being made a life member.
He is survived by his wife Margaret, daughter Judith (Sydney), John (Sydney), Patrick (Auckland) and Michael (Dunedin). His first wife, Vera, died some years ago.

Adam Beck's will 1689

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