Rough Ridge

Rough Ridge Rush of 1864.

Otago Witness 19th November 1864.

Rough Ridge Rush:

I may notice a large rush taking place to the flat over the Rough Ridge between the stations of Messrs Murison, Fenton and Douglas. The prospectors are Joseph Cicilieno, Clement Chiaroni, Joseph Cute, Charles Adaros and Duncan Buchanan. The parties had long been prospecting between Murisons Puketoi Station and the ranges near, and with his mates struck gold here, where the prospecting claim had been granted a month ago and were trying to find the best locality. When their resting place was found by a shepherd named Douglas and then they came in here on Monday for a prospecting claim. They considered the gold got better as they went into the hill. I have had the opportunity of seeing several miners who have come in from the place, and the particulars they have given me I now give to you. At the present ther are about 600 men on the ground living in about 120 tents. They have come hurriedly from other rushes and have not brought the materials necessary for commencing or rather completing their operations. Several loads of provisions came in yesterday, and two bakers, one from Hamiltons 2/6 the 4lb loaf and one from Hills creek at 3/-. Butchers meat can be had from the stations close at hand.

Interesting that Clement Chiaroni was Rosina Spedderi’s godfather 22nd August 1870. The others other than Buchanan (he mined in Eweburn for a few years too) are Italian or Sicilian.

Francis (Frank) Salvadore who was Ellen Spedderi’s Godfather on the 26th of October 1872 was another Italian miner in Garibaldi. He is listed in the 1880-81 electoral roll as a miner of Garibaldi.

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