The Mungovans

Browsing through the Naseby cemetery I came across this headstone - photo at right.. Eliza Keenan nee Mungovan erected it on her sister Bridget’s grave in 1873 in the Naseby cemetery N.Z.   Were the Mungovan girls travelling companions of Bridget Sullivan or did they meet in Naseby?. 

On Rosina Spedderi's Baptism records in 1870 her godmother is noted as Bridget Theresa Roungovan? with a question mark after it. I haven't found anyone by that Family name, but Mungovan hand written could easily be mistaken for Roungovan.

Catherine (Kate) sisters Margaret and Ellen and their brothers Michael and Patrick  Mungovan children of Peter Mungovan and Ellen 0'Grady Ennis County Clare Ireland, with their cousins Elizabeth (Eliza) and Bridget Mungovan daughters of Patrick Mungovan and Bridget Kelly of Magowna County Clare Ireland all came to New Zealand in the early 1860's to start a new life. These are the Naseby Otago New Zealand Connections of the Mungovans.

Elizabeth (Eliza) Mungovan was born in 1838 Ennis Co Clare she married Robert Henry Keenan on the 12th October1867 at the Mt. Ida Hotel Naseby N.Z. Robert was born in Castledawson Derry Ireland in 1832 son of Richard and Mary Keenan.  Robert in the 1870-71 electoral roll lived in a Naseby Hotel, he is reported in the Otago witness as losing 100 pounds sterling in a fire at the hotel. They moved to Oamaru where some of their children were born and Robert was a cab driver.  On the 1890 census the family are in Auckland living in Wyndham street. Robert Henry is an Expressman his sons John is a cabman and Michael also a cabman.

Their Children:

Mary Jane Keenan  1868 born Naseby died Westport1958 aged 90.

John Francis Keenan  1869 born Naseby died 1952 Auckland N.Z. aged 82

Michael Keenan 1871 born Naseby died 1945 in Auckland N.Z. aged 74

Robert Henry Keenan 1873 Naseby died 1943 in Auckland aged 70

Louisa Isabella Keenan  1974 born Naseby died Auckland 1949 aged 74. Married Sidney Vernan 1882. Children: Dorothy Isabella Vernon, Joseph Howard Vernon, Sidney John Vernon and Lewis Vernon.

Susan Josephine Keenan 1876 in Oamaru died 1962 Palmerston North Manawatu N.Z. aged 85.

Richard Alphonsus Keenan  1878 in Oamaru died in Auckland N.Z.1951 aged 73.

Thomas Patrick Keenan 1879-1963 died in Nelson aged 88 

Patrick Joseph Stanislaus Keenan born 1882

Patrick Keenan  born Auckland 1885 married Constance Laura Buckland 18th March 1808 when he was 23. They had 11 children. Patrick died in Nelson 1968 aged 83.  Constance died in Nelson 1966 aged 80. 

Eliza died in Auckland N.Z. on the  29th December 1916 aged 76.  Robert had died the 18th August 1914 in Auckland N.Z. aged 82.

Margaret Mungovan was born in Doora Barefields Parish CO Clare Ireland on the 20th October 1840. She left Glasgow on the ship Resolute on the 6th June 1866 and arrived in Dunedin on the 18th September 1866.  Andrew Costelloe was born 1st May 1823 in Murroe Limerick Ireland.   He and Margaret married in Dunedin 11th May 1867 at Saint Josephs.  They had eight children five being born in Naseby, three in Oamaru. One of them Andrew Costelloe owned the Royal Hotel in Naseby round the 1900's.  Margaret died 18th February 1922 in Christchurch. Andrew died in Oamaru 14th September 1881.

Catherine (Kate) Mungovan was born on the 16th May 1848 in Ennis Co Clare she married Bernard Thomas Sullivan known as Tom son of Edward Sullivan of Shannon Harbour Kings County Ireland was born 1837 . Kate and Tom married in Dunedin N.Z on the 6th May 1867.   He is listed in the 1875-76 electoral roll as living in Home Gully Mt.Ida. His house was made of wood and iron. He and Kate settled in Naseby N.Z. Tom being the Pound-keeper for about 24 years. Kate died 28th April 1908 and Tom died 15th October 1913 they are buried in the Naseby cemetery. N.Z.   Is Bernard Thomas Sullivan a relation of our Bridget Sullivan our Great grandmother maybe a brother??

Michael Mungovan was born in 1837 in Ennis County Clare. He was the brother of Kate, Margaret and Ellen.  He was a gold miner and was listed in the electoral rolls as mining in Hyde Otago N.Z for a time.  He died after falling down in a mine shaft in the Ida Valley (Blacks Area) Central Otago New Zealand  on the 5th June 1902.  He is buried in an unmarked grave in the Omakau N.Z. cemetery. 
Patrick Mungovan was born 17th March 1847 and is listed on electoral rolls as a miner but not of Naseby. He died in Sacred Heart Home Andersons Bay Dunedin 4th September 1917.
Ellen another sister of Catherine, Margaret, Michael an Patrick's had some ties with Naseby  Ellen and Margaret left Glasgow on the ship Resolute on the 6th June 1866 and arrived in Dunedin on the 18th September 1866. She married James Downes in 1873 in Shortland Coromandel. They had two daughters marry two brothers.  Mary Josephine born in Auckland married Bernard George Brown in Naseby 8th August 1906 and Catherine ( Kate) married Andrew Joseph Brown 1908. The Brown's parents were Andrew McGinnell Brown born Portrush Ireland 1830 and Mary Ward Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Southern Ireland in 1837.
In 1873 Bridget Mungovan died in an accident in Naseby aged 24, was it her that was Rosina Spedderi's Godmother?
Was this Rosina Spedderi's godmother? Probably we will never know. I have the feeling that it was. Father Emmanuel Royer baptized Rosina and Ellen.
Otago Witness 5th June 1902. Michael Mungovan is in an unmarked grave in the Omakau cemetery New Zealand.
Catherine and Bernard Sullivan's grave behind little Ann Mary McMullin aged 3 years, daughter of Kathleen Sullivan Brown McMullin killed in a motor accident at Wedderburn. Catherine was an Aunt of Kathleens.
Mary Josephine Downes and Bernard George Brown their grave in the Naseby Cemetery New Zealand.
Catherine Downes and Andrew Joseph Brown in the Naseby cemetery New Zealand.

Rachel Keenan 21.04.2020 07:32

Robert Henry Keenan is my great great great grandad father he left Castledawson in 1861to New Zealand for the gold rush in Naseby Thank you for the information

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Lovely to hear from you Rachel

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It is nice to know about Elizabeth Mungovan here. she is an inspiration. I will share this with my mom after

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Hello from the Lisa and Tane Woodley in Wellington Mary Jane Keenan is Tanes' great grandmother.

Alan Jordan 07.01.2017 22:20

Hi, My name is Alan Jordan and I live in Tauranga. The above head stones are my grand parents Bernard George and Mary Brown also Aunty Kate and Uncle Andy

carol dougherty 08.01.2017 02:34

Hi Alan, Lovely to hear from you.

Diana 07.06.2016 08:19

Hi Ann Mungovan is my husbands great great grandmother and I would love any additional information particularly in regards to her Irish family and parents

Mary Hollywood 19.03.2016 21:35

Carol, Elizabeth Mungovan emigrated to Australia in 1861 on the Donald Mackay, arrived at Melbourne, stayed with her sister Anne. Yr address? I hve documents.

Diana 07.06.2016 08:08

Hi Ann Mungovan is my husbands great great grandmother and I would love any additional information particularly in regards to her Irish family and parents

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HELLO my name is Mary louise Florence Hollywood nee VERNON (daughter of Lewis Vernon). You have done a wonderful job of this website.
I have lots of info

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Hello Mary lovely to hear from you.

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Thank you for this information Robert Keenan is my Ansestor Richard Keenan from Castledawson Ireland any NZ Keenans please contact me

Marie Stephens 05.12.2012 10:23

What a wonderful website. The entry you have : Catherine and Bernard Sullivan's grave behind little Ann Mary Mulligan aged 3 years, her surname is McMullan.

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